Bringing life back into Legacy Devices.

Legacy Tech will never die, including iOS Devices. But with support gone for those devices we depend on Tweaks and Mods to make it usable. For Older iOS Devices Tweaking is getting harder with Broken Packages Managers and Outdated Tools and more. Thats with we made Oloid Toolbox!

About Logo
About Oloid

A new iOS Toolbox for Legacy Devices supporting iOS 1.0 - 7.1.2

Oloid Toolbox allows you to bring as much life as you can back into your legacy devices.


Features of Oloid Toolbox

Fast & Easy

Fast Load Times and Easy to Use.

Weekly Updates

Oloid Toolbox is Updated weekly and adds new features


Runs on only 256mb of ram for non-gui.

Multi-Platform Support

Supports macOS, Windows, and Linux

Supports iPod/iPhone/iPad

Supports all iDevices with no problem.

No Ads Ever

We Dont Run Ads. No one Likes Ads.

Download Section

Oloid Toolbox Downloads

Oloid Toolbox for macOS

  • Full GUI Support
  • Size: 634Mb

Oloid Toolbox for Windows

  • CMD Batch File. No GUI.
  • Size: 239Mb

Oloid Toolbox for Linux

  • Bash Script File. No GUI.
  • Size: 92Mb